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What Others are Saying About Chris

“Uses a great process to get to know you and your business”

I thought I understood the importance of the right message until I met Chris. Chris uses a great process to get to know you and your business, so that together, you can create messages for marketing that can be used consistently in your advertising, on your website, and beyond. Working with Chris through this process helped my business to become more focused, along with gaining a new friend and an open-minded, creative ear.

Laura Crestan

Actionable Consultant Mentor and Leadership Coach

“Connects with readers in a very compelling way”

Chris Allsop gets the job done. She understands the architecture of persuasive writing and knows how to connect with her readers in a very personal and compelling way.

Katie Yeakle

Executive Director, American Writers & Artists Inc.

“One of the brightest new copywriters on the scene…”

Chris Allsop blew me away. She got my attention by winning a writing contest that more than four dozen highly trained copywriters entered – and by doing so, won an assignment from me.

Then, she tackled a complex promotion for an investment product and knocked that one out of the park, too – and did it in only about three drafts.

Needless to say, I was excited to hire her to work with me when I worked as the Creative Director at Weiss Research. Chris is one of the brightest new copywriters on the scene.

Clayton Makepeace

Former Creative Director, Weiss Research, Million-dollar financial copywriter

“Observations were insightful, analysis provocative”

Chris Allsop was a member of a team of copywriters assisting me with research and copy critique, on a very complex project for a major client in the direct marketing industry. Her observations were insightful, analysis provocative. Being able to identify what ‘rings right’ in copy – and what doesn’t – is very valuable, and Chris has a good ear.

Dan S. Kennedy

Strategic advisor, consultant, business coach, and author of the popular No B.S. book series

“Captures the true essence of a project”

Working with Chris has been an absolute pleasure. From her ability to capture the true essence of a project to her painstaking commitment to quality writing, Chris has demonstrated her strengths in transforming a rough book outline to a robust, final manuscript. We are happy to call Chris a member of our family and look forward to working with her on future writing projects.

Adam Witty

CEO, Advantage, Forbes Books

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